Creating a Desert Island

East Mitten Butte -Navajo National Park Necromunda - figures by Ben Grundy
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Our first idea is to take some pieces from our rock range and convert them into desert islands for small scale naval actions like GW's Man O' War..

Step 1.

Under coat the rocks black, covering the existing paint completely.

If you consider this sacrilege why not give us a call and order some unpainted rocks instead.

Step 2.

Here we paint the beach area a brown colour, in this instance GW's scorched brown.

Step 3.

The black area of the rocks is then high lighted with shades of grey. For this we used the Foundry range of paints, Slate Grey 32a,b,c  


Step 4.

The brown beach area is now highlighted a sandy colour. Again we used Foundry Base Sand 10 a,b,c

Step 5.

A final light dry brush of a mossy green and bright pink, Foundry Phelm Green 28c and Nipple pink 16b were used for this.

The secret of dry brushing is a very dry brush where you can use repeated brush strokes if necessary to build up the colour, rather than one heavy layer.

Step 6.

Finally, fine green and brown flock is judiciously applied. Pick out the tops, crags and some of the beach area, Not too much!

And there it is 'Treasure Island' and not a celebrity in sight!

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